The Film and Food Podcast was created in May 2020 by Chris Roberts to celebrate all things culinary and cinematic. So if you're a cinephile, or a foodie, or both; then this is the podcast for you!

We have a bunch of different episode formats that you are sure to love:

Film and Food Reviews - Chris and a guest comprehensively review a film or tv show for it's film and food qualities, as well as provide at least one film-inspired recipe for you to try at home!

Fantasy Film and Food Draft: Chris and a group of guests take turns creating their ultimate food experiences playing a draft-style game from our favourite directors filmographies, movie series or franchises.

Quick Bites: Chris gives bite-sized reviews of all the film and tv he has been watching lately, plus gives some film-inspired snack recipes for you to try at home! 

Triple Threat Episodes: Chris unpacks three fantastic food scenes usually in a certain theme or category, examining how these scenes work and why they matter so much!

Top Ten Films Lists: Every year since 2019 Chris gives his top ten films list, this are special episodes honouring the best in the year of cinema and hopefully inspire you to watch something new!

Film and Food Awards: Chris hands out awards I film and food for the year, including the best food and drink scenes and best film and food film of the year!

We also produce a bunch of other exciting things including:

Written Film Reviews

Awards Season Reaction Videos, Cooking Videos and more on our Youtube Channel!

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Want more of the Film and Food Podcast?

Every month Chris has a film and food column in this amazing magazine where he gives reviews of two movies and a tv show, plus a film-inspired recipe for you to tray at home. 

This magazine is delivered locally to letterboxes on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia but you can also read every issue online by clicking here:

Our Team:


Chris Roberts - Creator and Editor

Chris founded the Film and Food Podcast in May 2020. He is a passionate cinephile and foodie, who wants to inspire people to watch widely and get cooking! 

Chris also writes a monthly film and television review column in The Tawny Frogmouth, a local Northern beaches magazine. Find out more here:


Chris is a Christian Children's and Youth Pastor by trade and loves being creative, having fun and sharing what he loves with everyone!