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Ep 12 F&F Review - Aussie Burger

In the twelfth episode of the Film and Food Podcast Chris and guest Charlie Bennett gave their film and food review of the 2016 film The Founder. This was such a great episode so make sure to check that episode out by clicking on the "Podcast" tab!

This recipe is one of three recipes for this episode and will help you to make your own Aussie Burger at home! This a juicy burger bursting with flavour that is more Australian than a day at the beach!

Original McDonald's Burger Recipe:

Recipe Commitment: Easy

This is an easy and delicious burger to make that will give you a taste of Australia!


Makes 2 burgers

- 2 eggs

- 1 onion

- 2 milk buns

- Garlic aioli

- 2 pineapple rings

- 4 slices of beetroot

- 4 slices of tomato

- 500gm best grade lean mince beef (5% fat)


1. Slice the milk buns in half ready for layering. Peel and dice the onion, and cook until soft in a pan on medium heat. At the same time fry two eggs in the same pan.

2. Take half of the mince beef and shape it into a round patty about the size of the

milk bun. It is up to your preference how much beef you use to achieve a thinner or thicker patty. Repeat this process to get two beef patties.

3. Cook the beef patties in a pan with some olive oil on a medium to high heat. Flip a couple of times to ensure the patties are to your liking. Cooking it for a shorter time will produce a rarer burger and cooking for longer will give you

a well-done burger.

4. Time for layering. Coat the bottom half od the milk buns with a layer of garlic aioli. Add the beef patties next. Then add the egg and a handful of cooked onion. Finally add the beetroot, pineapple and tomatoes before finally adding the top half of the bun to complete the burger.

5. Enjoy hot and this goes perfect with homemade McDonalds fries!

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