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Ep 18 - Croque Monsieur Recipe!

Updated: Jul 14

In the eighteenth episode of the Film and Food Podcast Chris had guests Andrew Lingley, Corey McMahon, Murray Sullivan and Jonathon Ford on for the latest edition of the Fantasy Film and Food Draft! This time we drafted our ultimate food day out from 5 incredible comedy tv shows! This is one of our best episodes so check out the link below:

Chris always makes the food that he drafts on these episodes, and he has treated us with FOUR amazing recipes for you to try at home!

This recipe Chris drafted as his 'lunch' choice in the draft: The Croque Monsieur sandwich Captain Holt gives Charles Boyle on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! This sandwich is all kinds of gooey, crunchy, cheesy and delicious! Step up your sandwich game next time with this recipe!

Croque Monsieur Recipe:


- a loaf of white fluffy bread (you can make your own Pullman's loaf if you wish)

- 10 slices gruyere or Jalsberg cheese

- 12 slices of ham


- 1 tbsp melted butter

- 1 tbsp plain flour

- 1 cup milk

- 1 tsp nutmeg


1. In a small saucepan, melt butter over medium heat for 3 minutes, don't let it go brown. Add flour and whisk while cooking until combined, so at least 2 minutes. Add 1 cup of milk in slow stages, constantly whisking to ensure there are no lumps. Cook for another 7 minutes while stirring until it starts to thicken. Add nutmeg and let cool off heat for ten minutes before making your sandwich.

2. To make your sandwiches, cut four thick even slices of bread. Toast the bread until golden brown.

3. First, spread béchamel sauce on the bottom slices of bread. Then add a few slices of cheese each, then six slices of ham each, then spread béchamel on the top slices of bread.

4. Finally, join the bread slices together to make two sandwiches. Add more béchamel sauce on top of each sandwich and equally divide the rest of the cheese and add onto of the sandwiches as well.

5. Place on a baking tray for 15 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius or until the cheese onto starts to look gooey and golden brown. Cut sandwiches in half to serve, and enjoy!

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