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Ep 18 - Giant Potato Rosti (Buffet Breakfast) Recipe

In the eighteenth episode of the Film and Food Podcast Chris had guests Andrew Lingley, Corey McMahon, Murray Sullivan and Jonathon Ford on for the latest edition of the Fantasy Film and Food Draft! This time we drafted our ultimate food day out from 5 incredible comedy tv shows! This is one of our best episodes so check stout in the 'Podcast' tab!

Chris always makes the food that he drafts on these episodes, and he has treated us with FOUR amazing recipes for you to try at home!

This recipe Chris drafted as his 'breakfast' choice in the draft: Ron Swansons All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet from Parks and Recreation! I decided to make a giant potato rosti the centrepiece of my breakfast, adding other delicious components to make it a delectable way to start the day!

My Buffet Breakfast

(Potato Rosti Recipe):


(serves two)

Potato rosti:

3 large potatoes


Other things:

- 250g cherry tomatoes

- 120gm feta

- 2 corn cobs

- 250g mushrooms

- 150g bacon rasher

- 2 eggs

- toast of your choice

- pastries of your choice

You can add anything! That's why it's a buffet, you could add: pancakes, waffles, cereal, fruit, sausages, hashbrowns and anything you can think of!


1. Peel and grate the potatoes. Place grated potatoes in a tea towel and wring the tea towel to squeeze out as much liquid as possible. The potato should be as dry as possible.

2. Place 4 tbs of olive into a large pan, heat on medium for one minute. Add the grated potato and evenly spread to cover the whole bottom of the pan. Leave cooking on medium for ten minutes. Flip onto a plate, add some more oil and cook on the other side for ten minutes.

3. To prepare the other components, use seperate pans: one pan for corn and whole cherry tomatoes, one for eggs and bacon and one for mushrooms.

4. Serve each plate with half of the rosti, a serve of cherry toms & corn topped with cubed feta, a serve of fried bacon, one fried egg, a serve of mushrooms, a serve of pastries and some toast. Enjoy with a fresh glass of OJ and a cup of tea or coffee!

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