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Ep 19 - Ice Cream Bombe Recipe

Updated: Jul 13

In episode nineteen the Film and Food Podcast returns with a bang with our film and food review of the 1974 classic film Who Is Killing The Great Chef's Of Europe? This episode features returning guest Nick Charlie Key from the Fantastic History of Food Podcast and is a seriously fantastic listen! I encourage you to check out this underrated film and give this episode a listen by clicking on the link below:

This film is filled with so much great food but Chris is a sucker for desserts and so he created an Ice Cream Bombe inspired by the famous desert from the movie! This is a show-stopper that requires a bit of time and patience, but oh is it worth the wait!

Ice Cream Bombe Recipe


1 litre of Mango Sorbet

750ml Raspberry Sorbet

500ml quality Strawberry Icecream

500ml pure cream


1. The first thing you need is a 20cm freezer proof bowl.

If you have a 16cm bowl and a 12cm bowl they are helpful for later.

2. Place your 20cm bowl in the freezer until its cold. Remove from the freezer and place the mango sorbet inside, pressing firmly to the sides of the bowl.

(I made my own sorbet, a long process I don't recommend unless you have heaps of time!)

Wrap your 16cm bowl in cling wrap and then place it in the sorbet to make an even layer that goes up tp the rim of the 20cm bowl. Freeze for 1 hour.

3. Next remove the 16cm bowl and place the raspberry sorbet inside, cling wrap your 12cm bowl and place inside the sorbet to make an even layer again. Freeze for another hour.

4. Remove the 12cm bowl and place the strawberry ice cream inside and fill the remaining cavity to the top. Freeze overnight or until completely hard.

5. Remove the ice cream bomb from the bowl by dipping it in warm water, then use a knife around the edge to dislodge whilst holding a plate. Make sure the bomb is curve side up on the plate.

6. Finally, whip the cream and spread a thick even layer onto of the ice-cream bomb. You may like to serve with raspberries onto or just on its own. Use a large knife to create even slices and enjoy seeing the beautiful layers of the ice-cream bomb!

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