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Ep 20 - Denis Villeneuve On A Plate

Updated: Jul 12

In Episode 20 Chris launched a new format of the podcast, Filmography and Food! In this episode Chris discussed and ranked all ten of his films, it was such a great episode! Make sure you give it a listen by clicking on the link below:

Chris also created a new thing, not really a recipe, but he came up with a plate of food that represents Denis Villeneuve's films by asking the question, how would you represent Villeneuve on a plate of food?

This was really fun so keep reading to see what Chris made!


1. Eggs and Jalapeños from SICARIO (Top Left Corner)

In the film Sicario, the Mexican Police Officer is served Eggs and Jalapeños by his son before meeting his fate in the final act of the film.

2. Organic Blueberries from ENEMY (Top Right Corner)

In the film Enemy, a plot point and clue in working out what is happening between Adam and Anthony is centred around whether the blueberries in the fridge are organic or not.

3. Tomatoes and Herbs from INCENDIES (Bottom Right Corner)

In the film Incendies, Nawal has undergone a major traumatic incident and her grandmother makes her a wholesome meal of tomatoes, herbs and bread.

4. Fish from MAELSTROM (Middle)

In the film MAELSTROM, the story is narrated by a fish who also has a major connection to the plot.

5. Spice from DUNE (Bottom Right)

In the film Dune, Spice is a magical substance, the most powerful in the galaxy that makes space travel possible and heightens consciousness and intelligence.

There you have it, Denis Villeneuve on a plate? How did Chris go? What would you put on a plate for Denis Villeneuve?

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