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Ep 21 - Cha Soba Recipe by Nguyên Lê

Updated: Jul 12

In episode twenty-one of the Film and Food Podcast Chris had the amazing Nguyên Lê as a guest to discuss the 1985 film Tampopo! I encourage you to check out this underrated film and give this episode a listen by clicking on the link below:

This film is full to the brim with great food, so much so that both Chris and Nguyên both provided recipes! So that's TWO film-inspired recipes from this movie for you to try! Nguyên's recipe and I'll let him explain to you!

Cha Soba Recipe

Here's what Nguyên has to say: Having already seen so many

types of piping hot ramen in Tampopo, I think a need to switch things up is in order. The best way to do so for this occasion, I’d say, is by giving you this recipe of cold noodles from green tea, also known aszaru cha soba. It should be the perfect dish for the summer… or, you know, an increasingly warming planet.


Gather up:

● 1 package of cha soba

● 1 bottle of tsuyu (dipping sauce for noodles, available in stores)

● 1 bowl of iced water (or handful of ice cubes)

● Toppings (all optional)

○ Scallions, chopped

○ Nori seaweed, chopped

○ Wasabi

○ Tamago, sliced

○ Kani kamaboko, shredded or chopped

○ Ikura, 1 or 2 scoops

○ So on and so forth…


Follow these steps:

● Prepare a pot of boiling water, then put your noodles in. It might be tempting, but do not add salt, or even oil.

○ If you’d like, reserve a bit of the cooking water.

● Put the cooked noodles in a colander or sieve and run them under cold water.

● Drain the water, then put the noodles into the bowl of iced water or toss ice cubes onto the noodles.

○ This process won’t take long!

● That’s it. Now either transfer the noodles onto bamboo mats placed on plates, or straight onto the plates.

● Add your preferred toppings.

● Pour some tsuyu into a small bowl.

○ Now you can dip the noodles into the tsuyu and enjoy.

○ The cooking water from earlier? Add it to the tsuyu so you can have a soup accompanying the dish.

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