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Ep 8 - Quick Bites - Banana Berry Frozen Yoghurt Recipe!

In the eighth episode of the Film and Food Podcast Chris shared his quick thoughts on everything he had been watching lately. This was such a great episode so make sure to check that episode out by clicking on the "Podcast" tab!

This recipe is inspired by the Good Place, where frozen yoghurt of all kinds of flavours and varieties are enjoyed! This is a guilt-free tasty treat that is perfect for summer and perfect for experimenting with all kinds of ingredients!

Banana Berry Frozen Yoghurt:

Recipe Commitment: Easy (you just need some time to freeze your ingredients)

Special Equipment: You will need a food processor for this recipe!

Ingredients (serves two):

- 3 ripe bananas

- 1 cup frozen raspberries

- 3 tablespoons of greek yoghurt (the thicker the better)

- 3 tbs runny honey

- a handful of mint leaves

- berries of your choice to serve


1. Put the banana in a freezable container or zip-lock bag and place in freezer for at least 8 hours to freeze solid.

2. When the bananas are ready, blitz the bananas in a food processor until a gritty paste consistency is reached.

3. Add the yogurt, honey, raspberries and mint and blend until thick and smooth, with all the ingredients mixed in well.

4. Serve with a fresh mint leave and some berries on top. Enjoy this delicious treat!

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