• Christopher Roberts

Episode 1 - Ratatouille: Film and Food Review

Our debut episode of the Film and Food Podcast see host Chris and his lovely wife Beth review the 2008 Pixar classic animated film: Ratatouille!

In a film and food review we comprehensively celebrate a film for both its film and food qualities, plus give you a film-inspired recipe to try at home!

This happens in three segments:

Look at the Menu:

This is where we give our initial thoughts and background about our experience with the film, plus any stories, details and anecdotes that are worth mentioning about the film.

It's Time to Dine:

This is the 'meat' of the review, where we dive into our deep spoiler-filled analysis of the film including our highlights, favourite film moments, favourite food moments and discussion of themes, characters and much more!

Compliments to the Chef:

This where we wrap the show up by giving our final thoughts and ratings of the film. Chris and his guest both give the film 2 ratings. A 'food' rating out of 10 for the quality and amount of food in the movie, and a 'film' rating for the quality of the film. These scores combined give a grand total out of 40.

We hope you enjoy this episode!

To listen to this episode:


To find our film-inspired Ratatouille Recipe:


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